Captain Ahab

Series: Figure Out
Artist: Ana Baleia

This is Captain Ahab, from the book “Moby Dick”, by Herman Melville, 1851.
Figure Out – Characters from Literature is a series of textile sculptures representing figures from the pages of books, made from material collected over the years and stored in the studio including scraps of fabric, metal parts, wire and buttons. Figure Out’s creative process is to imagine the figures created in the writers’ heads, and materialize them in embodied form -giving rise to unique, detailed and expressive pieces.

Material used: Made using a variety of collected materials: fabric, buttons, threads, metallic scissors, fishing hook, paper, white glue, fabric paint, wire and more.

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If you like this piece, the artist can create a similar one, but never the same, as all the pieces are unique and handcrafted. Get in touch!

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Weight0.350 kg
Dimensions15 × 27 cm